A message from the chairperson.

Hello and Namaste to all of you travel lovers!

Himalayan Gateway Trekking Pvt. Ltd.,your destination travel partner, welcomes you to the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal.

Nepal is the best gateway to the Himalayas.As far as I believe,most of you are familiar with this sanskrit word “ Himalaya” which is the combination of two words: ‘Him’ and ‘Alaya’. ‘Him’ means snow and ‘Alaya’ refers to abode or home. In another word,you could say home of snow.Thus, these two words made up the ‘Himalaya’ which is what Nepal is famous for, covering more than 80% of the Himalayan regions in this planet.

Himalayan Gateway Trekking pvt.Ltd. is totally a start up trekking and tour organizing company with a new vision in the tourism industries in Nepal which was founded in 20th of April 2015 by a group of trekking guide veterans , just few days before the Great earthquake rocked the entire Nepal crippling all the tourism businesses.

Obviously, we are the new professional team of old hands that has envisioned to provide the best service in a very cost effective way to our clientele in order to keep the company in competitive in tourism market.The unique thing of doing trekking with us is that, all of our trekking guides are multilingual company co-founders who have been exempted to make an important decision as necessary while in trips in order to provide extra care for our clients without having to communicate to the headquarter.

All of our guides are fluent both in English and Japanese who have more than three decades of trekking experiences in the Nepal Himalayas.They all are born and raised in the foothills of lower Everest region, the gateway to khumbuvalley.So that they are well acclimatized all the way from childhood in the highlands.

Our company website is still under development.we will make it on as soon as possible.So, until then we are very sorry for your inconvenience for the more information.However,if you have any mind make up plan or if you need any help and information regarding your trip you would like to do in the near future, Please, do not hesitate to drop a line on our company email address at the‘[email protected]’.we will appreciate it and,get back to you as soon as possible. Once again, Please, remember and join your hands with us for your travel destination.Your are not far from us,you are just a click away. Your one click make it happen everything possible. We are always with you in order to keep your travel and trips more wonderful,pleasant and life-long memorable.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Nepal.

With Best Regards,
D B Rana Magar
Managing Director

Himalayan Gateway Trekking Pvt. Ltd.

Kathmandu, Nepal
Email: [email protected]